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Round Trip #9 The Little Mermaid-Nordhavn

Tuesday 11/Wednesday 12 May 2021

Ringo: So what you're telling me is, I'm the star, but you're taking all the credit?

Me: Well, I take the photographs.

Ringo: You just point the camera and click.

Me: It's a bit more than just point and click.

Ringo: How so? You go out, leaving me all on my own, nothing but George for company. And she just sleeps. In my shoe box. Then you pick up the camera and look at something, and click. Piece of cake.

Me: I have to think about it, compose the shot, wait for the right moment etc. You just complain. And it's not your shoe box!

Ringo: Anyway, it's me that gets the fan mail.

Me: I sent that. I am Trixie from Düsseldorf.

Ringo: Tricked by Trixie. The shame.

Me: Sorry.

Ringo: It's my shoe box.

Me: #!?!*€%!!

Clearly, Ringo's escalating fame is going to his otherwise empty head. Steps need to be taken before he thinks of leaving for the big lights. He's got a star on his bed now, and yesterday we took - rather unexpectedly - delivery of his gourmet, homemade dinner selection. "I'm not having that Whiskas shit anymore" he said. Anyone want a cat?

I’m not photographing the bloody Little Mermaid again. I’m done with it. Most disappointing tourist attraction on the planet. Hans Christian Anderson hang your head in shame etc. Although…there will be some Little Mermaid related excitement later on. Contain yerselves!

There is however, no excitement at the Little Mermaid today. No one. Not a soul. A first for me. So, traversing the small marina (boats etc) we come to a made made pier extension to the area, rather imaginatively named Langelinie, which means ‘’Long Line’ in English. It’s erm…long, and in a straight line. You would normally find a ferry the size of a small third world country docked here. Which would have been great to photograph, but Covid. At the end of the pier is a café, and a place to pee. Not the same, by the way. Oh, and a lighthouse! It’s red.

Moving on, and in the water on the other side of Langelinie there’s a Little Mermaid!! Or to be more accurate, The Genetically Modified Little Mermaid. Much more attractive than the other one, though obviously not as popular. There was a duck though.

On to the freeport of Nordhavn. There are boats. And containers. There is also the UN building. A massive star shaped thing, built to impress, and then surrounded by non-descript apartment buildings so that the only place you can see it properly from the air. Town planning eh? There is none. There is a brand new Metro station though. Called Oceankaj, which is a good 2km from Oceankaj, where even bigger boats dock. Handy. Special bus service then.

We may have to go inland soon. I’m getting seasick.

Weather: One day cloudy, next day not.

Reflections: No tourists = complete joy. This is still a thing!

Coffee: The End, Langelinie. Café Latte 6/10. 45 f***ing kroner. Loses a point for being 45 f***ing kroner!

Distance: 6.6km

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