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Round Trip #3 Amagerværket - Øresund Station

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Sunday 14 March 2021 7.35am. There is snoring. It’s not me.

7.40am. Make tea and fabulously healthful crunchy cereal with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast. As I take it into the living room I am reminded in no uncertain terms by Ringo (cat with dementia etc) that he’s sure it’s just an oversight, but I’ve forgotten his morning treats.

7.50am. Ringo satiated, for now, until he decides it’s time for Lunch 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 etc. It’s a small wonder he can still make it to the kitchen to eat it. This is not greed, you understand, he just doesn’t remember eating it. Usually by the third helping he realises he’s actually quite full, and goes off for a poo to make more space.

Now, the more observant of you will remember that last time I said we were going skiing. I lied. But we are going to a ski slope. But first things first. Fancy a sauna? There seems to be one in the middle of nowhere. Well, a sign anyway. Just the thing you need after a sweaty ski run. Or maybe that’s what skiers do? I’ve never done it. The thought of tearing down an artificial slope faster than Lewis Hamilton’s latest practice lap, or Ringo chasing George around the apartment, is enough to bring on an emergency in the bowel department.

A short walk up the road brings us to Amagerværket (be sensible and don’t try to pronounce that with anyone standing in front of you). This is a rather futuristic looking waste-to-energy plant with, wait for it, a ski slope on the roof. Yes folks, a very ‘green’ energy plant that you have to travel to by car in order to ski. There’s irony there somewhere. The Danes love skiing so much, it’s not their fault that they live in one of the flattest countries on the planet. It was closed, of course.

Later on there was a go-cart centre, closed. A rusty old car on a container, and a very marshy nature reserve. I went home with wet feet. Where’s Ringo? He’s more fun!

Weather: Not what they said.

Reflections: Should have worn in these trainers first.

Coffee: Cibo, Amager Strand - Flat White 1/10 Small cup. Engine oil. Made before the last lockdown (or earlier) 30kr

Distance: 8.54km

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