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Round Trip #2 Refshaleøen

Sunday 7 February 2021

7.15am. I awake to the gentle snoring of 1 x girlfriend and 2 x cats.

7.20am. Ringo (not the ex-fab) has woken. This is not good. This is bad. Ringo has dementia, and as far as he’s concerned we haven’t fed him for days. A swift offering of breakfast 2.0 seems to mollify him. Albeit briefly. George (not girlfriend) sleeps soundly.

After a quick mug of tea accompanied by toast and Marmite I’m off to the artificial peninsular of Refshaleøen. Those of you with limited knowledge of the Danish language should refrain from attempting to pronounce Refshaleøen. No good will come of it, your throat will not thank you, and your monitor will be coated with the contents of your respiratory passage.

Refshaleøen is a former shipyard and industrial site on the edge of Copenhagen harbour. Since 1996 it has become home to a slew of cultural and recreational facilities, cafés and bars. All of which are an utter pain in the arse to get to by public transport. Reffen, home to the formally brilliant Copenhagen Street Food now resembles a funfair minus the fun bit. Without candy floss!! And it’s all closed of course, because…well you know.

To the north the coast is lined with wind turbines, oddly not killing birds and emitting noxious fumes.

And then we come to the B&W Hall. A concrete palace, or a monstrous carbuncle, depending on your taste for former Eurovision Song Contest venues. And a giant wolf’s head! It is now cold enough to make Jeffrey Dahmer’s freezer sound enticing. I’m going home!

Join me next time, when we’ll be going skiing!

Weather: Make your mind up, why don't you?!

Reflections: I need a haircut!

Coffee: La Banchina - Latte 6/10 Medium sized mug. 37kr

Distance: 6.38km

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