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Round Trip #10 Nordhavn - [ e x t r a s ]

Wednesday 14 July 2021

The Round Trip series is on temporary hold while I train up the replacement for the dearly departed and irreplaceable Ringo. It’s a tough act to follow, but George says she’s up for it!

Me: You’re getting on a bit old girl.

George: How very dare you. I am younger than I look.

Me: You’re 18.

George: Yes, but in a certain light I can pass for 14 you know.

Me: Really? Which particular certain light would that be then? Infra red?

George: If you’re not careful I’ll have your ankles for breakfast, my lad.

Me: You’d have to get out of that shoe box first. You know, the one you spend 23 hours a day in.

George: I’ll have you know I can still attack at rapier like speed. When I want to.

Me: Well I recommend a diet first before you move too quickly. I mean, two dinners will do that to a girl’s figure.

George: Are you casting aspersions on my appearance?

Me: Just trying to introduce an element of reality to this conversation.

George: Hmmmph! I’m going for a lie down on the Chaise. We’ll continue this discussion later.

Me: Like in two days time, when you wake up?

George Zzzzzzzzz

Leaving George to her eternal slumber, I’m off to Nordhavn again to finish off what I started in Round Trip #10. Two short bus trips later and I’m at the Cruise Terminal. Not that there is an awful lot of cruising going on at the moment. The multi-billion kroner Oceankaj Terminals 1, 2, and 3 lay empty and abandoned, dust clinging to the windows, spiders thriving. In fact during the lockdown the spiders inside the terminal buildings have probably evolved and mutated into giant killing machines, ready for the first batch of tourists. Whenever they may arrive. Good luck to them. Espirito Santo etc.

It is hot, sweaty, and deserted. Except, that is, for the owner of the ‘Souvenir, Gift Shop and Grill’, which is surprisingly open for business, despite the fact that quite obviously, there is none. You’ve got to admire the man’s optimism I suppose. It is then that I notice that there is Hygge in the car park! Yes, that word that has become so popular in England due to all the Scandi Noir they watch, that they’ve actually gone and put it in the Oxford English Dictionary. This despite not having a clue how to pronounce it, spell it, use it etc. And obviously word has spread far and wide about all the hygge going on in the car park as there are three camper vans parked up. Indeed a couple are having a stroll on the not inconsiderably warm concrete as I photograph said hygge. This could be the most surreal thing to happen to me in my 22 years of Danish residence.

And a good way to end this short, sharp addition to Round Trip #10. Just as well, as I'm exhausted after all that hyggering. Round Trip will return just as soon as George is ready :)

Weather: Hot and dry.

Reflections: Not too much dust.

Coffee: Coffee was closed!

Distance: Long enough in this heat.

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